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Founded on January 1, 2014, Alpha Gamma Xi was envisioned as an international organization for military women, governed by military women.  AGXi reflects and brings to life both the vision of the founders and the best practices of leadership management.

There were several causes leading to the realization that military women together in sisterhood, serving the community and one another was necessary. This organization is not the first to recognize the need for a sisterhood support system; but the desire of the founders to progress within the communities and the aspiration for the advancement of women in uniform marked the beginning of Alpha Gamma Xi Sorority, Inc.

Alpha Gamma Xi allows for the service minded military woman to have a true foundation and sisterhood and with that, achieve her highest potential both professionally and personally. AGXi will define a new sisterhood for military women, one with education, solidarity, philanthropy, cultural diversity and the advancement of Military Women.

5 Pillars of Purpose

Alpha Gamma Xi Sorority, Inc., members have 5 Pillars of Purpose upon which we uphold ourselves. Each of the 5 Pillars of Purpose represent excellence for which our members strive; Service, Sisterhood, Stewardship, Scholarship and Solidarity.

  • Service - We Strive to empower women to excel in their service to their countries, as well as, their service to their communities through mentoring and community service initiatives
  • Sisterhood - The bond developed and shared through membership to this organization will serve to aid its members in accomplishing professional and personal goals both within and outside the military sector.
  • Stewardship - Our ethical responsibility as women of the US Armed Forces is to protect and serve. Through the S.H.E.R.O. Program members will assist women veterans that are displaced or in need through philanthropic initiatives.
  • Scholarship - Our responsibility does not end with our service members and our veterans; we also have a responsibility to the family that supports them. Our scholarship initiative provides funding to children of veterans, assisting them in fulfilling their educational goals.
  • Solidarity - The final of the 5 pillars is the foundation which Alpha Gamma Xi was built upon. We strive to be united in thought and actions to achieve the goals of the Sorority.

To learn more about how you can join the ranks of AGXi,  please visit our Membership page.


" Solidarity does not assume that our struggles are the same struggles, or that our pain is the same pain, or that our hope is for the same future. Solidarity involves commitment, and work, as well as, the recognition that even if we do not have the same feelings, or the same lives, or the same bodies, we do live on common ground."

-Sara Ahmed